TAMARIND takes its name from the sacred Tamarind Tree – a large symmetrical spreading tree noted for its healing medicinal virtues. Every part of the tree is used to bring renewed life, balance and protection to the body.

Our Philosophy has always been to embrace an honest, ethical approach to skincare and beauty. We offer harmonious well-being treatments that are not only kind to your skin and body but also to nature and the environment.  Alongside this we offer the most up-to-date, effective Aesthetic treatments.

We are proud to be an official Environ and Advanced Nutrition Programme Salon, also providing Guinot Treatments and Eve Taylor Aromatherapy treatments.  Our professional nail system is OPI and quality hair removal wax brand is Perron Rigot –  all these brands are trusted and proven and our relationship with them fits strongly with our ethos.

Celebrating 32 years in business in the Health and Beauty Industry and 12 years of achievement with our Training School.

Our team of Therapists have an abundance of ‘hands-on’ Salon and teaching experience (about 100 years worth between them!)

We have taken this wealth of knowledge and expertise and have worked together to create our own Unique and Bespoke methods to ensure every treatment you receive at the Tamarind Treatment Rooms is an ‘escape from the ordinary’.