Back/Chest Waxing


Facial Hair Waxing

Hair removal from brows, nose & ears                

Wellbeing Massage

A deep, yet relaxing back neck and shoulder massage followed by a facial scrub and face and scalp massage.
60 mins                                 £65

Back Neck and Shoulder Massage

25 mins                                 £37

Tamarind Stone Massage

A popular Bespoke Hot and Cold stone massage treatment to aid deep muscle relaxation.
55 mins                                 £65

Clinical Massage Treatment

A deep tissue massage that is suitable for sports people or those suffering with various conditions such as frozen shoulder, RSI, Carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, Low back Pain etc.  Various techniques are used to release fascia and tense muscles to bring about pain relief.  Your clinical massage experience should not be really painful as this has no benefit whatsoever – we work within the client’s comfort to gain maximum results and relief.
55 mins                                 £65

Tamarind Bespoke Facial

Our most popular & trusted treatment – our Therapists use their wealth of experience and expertise to tailor-make a facial to suit your needs. Whether you need glycolic exfoliation/CACI/Intense hydration/Light Therapy/Massage/Specific Mask we can ensure by combining certain applications you achieve maximum benefit to your skin and well being in the chosen treatment time.
55 mins          £70
85 mins          £95