Pure Cryo


Pure Cryo – “FAT FREEZING” – Does it work?

Yes, it is widely known as the most effective non-invasive, non-surgical fat loss treatment. It can breakdown 25-40% of fat cells in one session.

How does it work?
A special cup with internal cooling plates is placed over the selected area and then a vacuum suction is applied which draws the tissue into the cup. The area is then chilled between minus 4 to minus 8 degrees centigrade.
Fat cells are especially sensitive to cold. The fat cells crystallise which then results in them not being able to function properly – they breakdown (Apoptosis) and are then removed from the body via the natural elimination process. This takes up to 12 weeks.
The surrounding blood vessels, nerves, etc are much less sensitive to cool exposure and remain unaffected. This results in the elimination of the fat cells without damage to the surrounding tissues.

Do the treatments hurt?
The treatment for most clients is completely pain free and comfortable. A special gel membrane is used to protect the skin and this feels a little cold.
Once the suction of the hand piece is applied it can feel unusual – ‘tightness’ or ‘squeezing’ are terms clients use to describe the feeling. You are likely to forget it is even attached during the session. We often have clients relax and fall asleep during their treatment. There is no anaesthetic or numbing agent required.
Afterwards the skin will be red and feel cold. We massage the area for a few minutes to encourage the circulation and removal of toxins.
Some clients do experience bruising and extended redness which will subside in a few days. You can carry on with your daily life immediately after treatment.

Are the results permanent?
The fat cells that will be crystalised through the Fat Freezing procedure are absorbed by the bodies natural processes. Once destroyed the same fat cells cannot grow back as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle. The more a client commits to a healthy diet and lifestyle, the better and more long-term the results.
If a client puts on weight during the 12 weeks after treatment, we cannot guarantee results as it is obvious that a healthy lifestyle is not being adhered to.

How many sessions will I need?
One Pure Cryo treatment in your chosen area is usually sufficient for most people. If some clients would like a further reduction in the same areas we do recommend a wait of 10 – 12 weeks in-between treatments so we can monitor the effectiveness of the first treatment.

Who can have Pure Cryo treatments??
The ideal clients are those who want to reduce localised fat deposits – the most common areas are muffin tops, the ‘spare tyre’ under the breasts, the ‘pot belly’, the upper back, hips, inner thighs, mens breasts – anywhere you can grasp an accumulation of fat on the body!
Although most people are treatable, it is not an overall weight loss solution. We suggest that the ideal client is within or near their ideal body weight range (BMI). People in this group will see the best results. If clients are more than a stone to a stone and a half over weight they may not get quick results, but, it can also be an excellent additional motivation for those embarking on a change in lifestyle. A second treatment may be required for thicker areas of fat.
Remember, although Pure Cryo will help target those problem areas, a healthy diet and regular exercise are still the best solution for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and body shape.

£100 for one 30 minute placement
£190 for two placements
£275 for three
£350 for four

If more than one placement is required we recommend a maximum of 2 placements on one appointment and others a few days later.

Once you attend your appointment we then offer 2 complimentary ‘follow up’ appointments – in 6 weeks and 12 weeks to assess your results and provide a radio frequency skin tightening treatment in your treated area.

All clients who have 2 or more placements will receive a voucher for 6 complimentary Bodywithanita classes of their choice to use as and when they wish.